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HappyKeys first started in 2016 by founder Kevin as a mechanical keyboard enthusiast's dream of wanting the best possible keyboard in the world. What started as a simple desire for a better keyboard led to the discovery of the keyboard enthusiast community and countless hours of research. During that time, Kevin realized that while there were many mechanical keyboard accessories available, there was nothing on the market at the time that would completely satisfy his dream of having the "ultimate" keyboard - so he began his journey to create his own.

With the support of many keyboard enthusiasts and community members, including Henry from the then up-and-coming Zeal PC, Kevin set out to create the ultimate GMK keyset at the time, which came to be known as GMK SKIDATA+.

Kevin created the SKIDATA+ set with meticulous care towards every detail, paying homage to the original Skidata keyboard and supporting compatibility for the most popular keyboard layouts at the time. GMK was very cooperative and understanding of Kevin's extreme (OCD) level of standards and desire to manufacture the highest quality set possible. The amount of care, attention to details and demand for a high level of quality control involved in creating SKIDATA+ set the precedent for all future GMK group buys.

Since then, Kevin has lent his hand in helping to design, test and create some of the most exciting mechanical keyboard products, many which have reached critical acclaim amongst enthusiasts, including the elusive LZ SK keyboard.

Officially launched in 2019, HappyKeys aims to bring high-quality mechanical keyboard products and accessories to like-minded enthusiasts around the world.

HappyKeys has established itself in the mechanical keyboard community by designing for aesthetics and functionality - most notably with the reimagination of the classic Skidata keyboard into the GMK Skidata+ keyset with orange modifier accents.

With a focus on functional design, premium materials and high-end manufacturing processes, we want people to be able to reach the highest level of mechanical keyboard enjoyment. Our mission is to elevate enjoyment of mechanical keyboards through functional and aesthetic design.

Happy-clacking, HappyKeys!